National Roof Over Your Head Day is December 3rd

Help to collect the signatures needed to put on the ballot to repeal “THE DEATH TAX.”

We should all be thankful we have a roof over our heads today.  At the same time we need to be aware that a major cause of homelessness is losing affordable housing.  With 2020 Proposition 19’s passage, it is now a possibility for many families that they will lose their multigenerational affordable housing.  
 If we can’t pay…  We can’t stay!  Sure we can inherit but we can’t keep the home.  Please help us to FiX*Prop19 by Repeal The Death Tax and save families’ homes.  Many are suffering in silence. 
We need 1.3 million signatures necessary for HJTA to announce to legislators to get a special hearing.  Get friends, family and associates to volunteer across the state to create awareness to get petitions signed  Make sure they sign a petition today.  They can download, print, wet ink sign and send in.  Find petitions at or .  WE CAN DO THIS!

At the recent HJTA Zoom meeting we talked about how the $1.022 million exemption might not be a $1.022 million exemption for families if there are more than one child/inheritor and not enough assets to distribute.  Counties will treat properties subject to sibling transfers as a taxable consequence.  Even if one of the siblings was trying to live in the home after caring for an elderly parent, this sibling transfer may make it impossible for the sibling to remain in the home if the assets or the wording of the trust are insufficient.
HJTA is asking for a donation to get to $50k to put out more radio advertisements.  Please donate: