Established on October 17, 1960

Entity Number C0403945


SCTA is a non-partisan membership organization and has a proud history of working for the Taxpayers interests.    It does not endorse political candidates or make political campaign contributions.

SCTA was formed to “secure by lawful means greater economy and efficiency in   government; to stimulate the public interest in civic affairs; to effect reduction in taxes; and to assist governments of a county region by studying and recommending regional policies directed at the solution of mutual problems that transcend the local jurisdictions.”

The Solano County Taxpayers Association was established, as a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization on October 17, 1960, by a group of citizens residing in every city and incorporated area in Solano County. One of the co-founders of SCTA, Richard Brann of Rio Vista, served on the Solano County Board of Supervisors from 1972-1988.

Please join us and become a member to help SCTA to continue been a vigilant advocate for taxpayers, promoting efficiency, transparency, and responsible governance in Solano County.

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